This Sunday Radio Marinara turns 1000! Way back in December 1996, Tim Allen, Dave Speller and Anthony Boxshall launch a summer fill on RRR that still has not gone away.

Bron will talk with Tim, Dave and Anth about the origins of Marinara and all our recollections of what RM has done over the years.

We will play some snippets of our some our favourite interviews going more than 22 years ago. Some other old voices will join us, including Joh Ford. And more...

We will highlight some of the movements that RM has been involved in shining the marine and coastal light on over the years, including the critical part we played in providing science into the pollies in the early 2000s for the need for marine protected areas. Bron even has a copy of the CD she narrated for every parliamentarian during that debate. Another example is Bron's interview with Louis Psihoyas about The Cove - at the time she interviewed him he had only been interviewed 3 times about the movie that went on to win an Oscar for best documentary!

We are going to reminisce and we want you to call in with your fav memories about RM over the last 1000 shows at some point on Sunday.

Join us to celebrate 1000 shows!

Playlist for Radio Marinara – 28 July 2019

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The team continues the great Marinara tradition of bringing you a quirky but informative look at all that is marine. Get to know all things wet and salty.

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