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What a huge show for Fam's last one on air as a Marinara regular! snifff... Bron, Anth and Fam are fulltime in the studio rowing the Marinara boat.

Rex Hunter is in talking about a very weird occurrence of two Port Phillip Sea Pilot vessels, bearing the same name, and both wrecked at Port Phillip Heads, 149 years apart. The first Corsair was wrecked in 1874 whilst the second Corsair was wrecked last September proving that the Heads is still a dangerous place.

Fam Charko has been an on-air Marinara-ette for many years now and she leaves us for other things in life. We are sad but we thought it would be cool to talk eels! A few weeks ago on the show we mentioned eels, and the Marinara text line blew up immediately. You asked, and so we will deliver as Fam will explore the amazing life history of these fascinating fish in her last show.

We'll have news (did you see the stuff about shark/flake this week?), views, ideas, cool music and then to close out the show we crank up the crustaceans and get the claw to the floor as we continue our countdown of the Worst Underwater Movies. This time it’s Jeff Maynard's Number 7 and things get decidedly crabby. (oh the puns...)

Sea you on Sunday (groan...)

Playlist for Radio Marinara – 2 June 2024
  • If I Could Start Today AgainVika and Linda
  • Somewhere DeepBakerboy
  • Down On The JettyVika & Linda

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