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Loads on this week!

Bron, Anth and Kade in the good ship RM

In November we celebrate 20 years of marine parks in Victoria. Meaning, 20 years ago there were no marine parks in the state! Which begs the question what was going on all that time ago? To hear about all the moving & shaking of this pre park era we speak to Chris Smyth a doyen in the field of marine conservation in Victoria.

Since the late 1980s there has been a detailed long term monitoring program in the Great Barrier Reef that is showing all kinds of signals of impact from climate change, crown of thorns seastars and much more. There are some interesting patterns emerging. We talk with Dr Mike Emslie who is a Senior Research Scientist/Coral Reef Ecologist at the Australian Institute of Marine Sciences in Townsville because he is the Project Leader for Long Term Monitoring of the reef.

And to end the show Jeff Maynard said something about coming as Sean Connery in his PJs (interesting image that one) and if you heard the last show last year you know what amazing marine sound waves he has in store for us... if you didn't catch the last show, check it the podcast before Sunday or just join in to be amazed!

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