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Fam and Anth are on deck tomorrow with a diverse rock pool of marine and coastal stuff!

Fam been watching Seaspiracy - yep - and like all of us has some views. Join for an RM TV review (with a difference).

This weekend is Sharing the Love #5 - the amazing 5th time that Parks Victoria and others have run the Victorian Marine Volunteers Forum - Sharing the Love 5. Time they are in Anglesea. We will be joined live on the line from STL5 by a mystery reporter to fill us in on how this year has gone to date (and will go from here).

In our monthly look at marine & coastal adaptation we welcome back Dr Sue-Ann Watson, Senior Curator (Marine Invertebrates) from the Museum of Tropical Queensland, Townsville to talk more about the ways molluscs (marine snails and stuff) are adapting to a changing climate - especially the acidifying of our oceans.

Hear you all then.

Playlist for Radio Marinara – 2 May 2021
  • Side of The SunMadison Violet
  • Fishing TrawlerNot Drowning Waving
  • A Young Woman's TaleGrace Petrie

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