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Anth, Bron and Kade are (virtually and actually) in the house/ship today.

Lots of news and views and secret live musos (that even Anth pressing the buttons does not know who they are - Bron will reveal all live onair!).

BayKeeper - Neil Blake is in and will talk about the flexibility of the Baykeeper beach microplastics audit method in all beach conditions which is an Australian first! Also an update on the Moon Snail egg-mass survey that launched on the latest full moon (note that surveyors are also to record any plastic fish and Asian Shore Crabs they find!) .. which will take us to a chat about why Asian Shore Crabs are a concern and how people can get involved in decreasing their numbers.

Simon Mustoe joins us to talk about the role of the little known sea just above Australia - the Banda Sea - an amazing place where blue whales (and many other animals gather) and we will talk about its role in regulating Australia's climate... so much so that Simon has just blogged that the Blue Whales there contributed to the 2019 Australian Bushfires... (join us for this one!).

We will wrap up the show talking all things birds and beaches with Kasun Ekanayake, Beach-nesting Birds Project Coordinator at BirdLife Australia. Discussing how we can do our bit to protect the super cute and endangered hooded plover by being responsible beach goers this summer.  

Wow - so much on! Hear you then

Playlist for Radio Marinara – 6 December 2020
  • Dance To Tom Paine's BonesGrace Petri

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