Playlist for Local and/or General – 11 November 2019
  • Black SpringTotal Control
  • Powers 2 (The People)Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange
  • HM01Antiphon
  • BulgaFreyja Garbett
  • AidaAusecuma Beats
  • Activate ft Abbey Howlett & Cazeaux OSLOElle Shimada
  • Brain ft Lori & Sensible JRemi
  • ShiverNgaiire
  • WarmStevan
  • Like DemiNat Vazer
  • Love For MyselfEmma Russack & Lachlan Denton
  • You Look Good In BlueAl Parkinson
  • Bad BodyAni Lou
  • Willow's SongPopular Music
  • Scorpio Rises AgainJonnine
  • Nameless, FacelessEvelyn Ida Morris
  • Shark AttackHachiku
  • Tiny IslandKosmetika
  • DogCLAMM
  • LiarCLAMM
  • A Veteran of NonsenseBatpiss
  • NeighbourhoodMr Teenage
  • Straight BackNo Local
  • Iced Out Grillzyergurl

About this program

Quality, new Australian and NZ music program focusing on local emerging artists, with interviews, live in-studio performances and regular guests.

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