Local synth-punk five-piece U-Bahn chat to Jas about their debut self-titled album which was last week's Album of the Week.

Playlist for Local and/or General – 25 March 2019
  • PatienceTame Impala
  • Cellophane CarThe Stroppies
  • The ThumpsPossible Humans
  • Make Time 4 LoveThe Goon Sax
  • DieStella Donnelly
  • Blue TickGood Morning
  • 52 Players of The AFLWEggy
  • BourgeoisU-Bahn
  • Time Warps Makes the Sweetest SoundU-Bahn
  • Under the HangarHoney 2 Honey
  • VitaminHuntly
  • Love Isn't Easy ft. MoldyRainbow Chan
  • The RecipePiatao + HDSNJMSJR
  • You Broke (prod thatboykwame)Lauren.
  • Unknowing(Motion)SQUARING CIRCLES
  • Catapult ft LaneousClever Austin
  • In Your SectionAmy Axegale
  • Mal Mi GoaGordon Koang
  • Do You Even Know What A Passport IsKarate Boogaloo
  • Fish hawkMambali
  • Dark Room (She Spells Doom remix)ELSZ
  • Ladies PoolLucy Cliché
  • DisparityZEN

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