Local And/Or General

Presented by Meaghan Weiley.

Playlist for Local and/or General – 10 January 2022
  • Unexpected PlansProgram
  • Spring CleaningThe Vovos
  • Pet SnakesIt Thing
  • StevieSpiderbait
  • AlmanacThe Living Eyes
  • Pack Animals (Live at Hamer Hall)Cash Savage And The Last Drinks
  • Zone 6 - LondonCartoon Ghouls
  • False MirrorMess Esque
  • Kim's CaravanCourtney Barnett
  • Let Me Take Your NameSinging Dust
  • Carry-onMatt Harkin
  • Mr. DisinterestedBig Supermarket
  • 666 (feat. Alien Nosejob)RED HELL
  • boys wanna txt (feat. ericdoa)daine
  • SafetyBecca Hatch
  • Swipe3K
  • Breaks & Caddys (Street Guide Part 02) (feat. CG)ONEFOUR
  • King BrownBARKAA
  • Karma The VillainSampa The Great
  • I Can Be A Snowclone TooHarrison Rae
  • Return To Spiral MountainBeau Ambien
  • GizDJ Plead
  • 2am ok wid Udj pgz
  • AntherOK EG
  • Cold CaféKaren Marks
  • Crash CourseOrion
  • Agony OutroLow Life

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Quality, new Australian and NZ music program focusing on local emerging artists, with interviews, live in-studio performances and regular guests.

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