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Playlist for LiveWire – 26 June 2021
  • Livewire (Live)AC/DC
  • DanceflawPlaster Of Paris
  • got youamyl and the sniffers
  • excerpt from audiobook 'Lonely Boy: Tales from a Sex Pistol'Steve Jones
  • submissionsex pistols
  • All The Bought MenThe Meanies
  • interview with link meaniethe meanies
  • SousaThe Meanies
  • G.A.F.F.Tropical Fuck Storm
  • pmadicklord
  • serpentinekings of the sun
  • scum (live)the meanies
  • sorry 'bout the violence (live)the meanies
  • there's a gap (live)the meanies
  • ton of bricks (live)the meanies
  • feed the dog (live)the meanies
  • white rabbit (live)jefferson airplane
  • 100 times (live)super american eagle
  • Misty Mountain Hop (live)Led Zeppelin

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