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Playlist for LiveWire – 19 September 2020
  • Livewire (Live)AC/DC
  • die yuppie die (live)painters and dockers
  • FeverBlake Scott
  • excerpt from audiobook 'Beastie Boys Book'Beastie Boys and friends
  • SabotageBeastie Boys
  • Pat's Singing Actors Quiz Part 1Livewire
  • it could be worsethese things
  • i know the ghost (live)concrete blonde
  • joey (live)concrete blonde
  • god is a bullet (live)concrete blonde
  • someday? (live)concrete blonde
  • ghost of a texas ladies man (live)concrete blonde
  • happy birthday (live)concrete blonde
  • tomorrow wendy (a cappella - live)concrete blonde

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From debut releases to dinosaurs resurrected and everything in between. Live performances; past, present and future. Playing the hits you may no longer miss, upcoming gigs and recent arrivals in rock n roll heaven, plus MORE!