Listen to First Nations Stories for Spring, Russell Brand Allegations and ScoMo's Book50:1021 September 2023

A note that this episode contains discussion of sexual assault. If you or anyone requires support, you can call the National Sexual Assault, Family and Domestic Violence Counselling line on 1800 737 732

This week, Jess and Charlie are joined by guest-host Esther Anatolitis, editor of Meanjin. Together they talk to Dr Eugenia Flynn, writer, researcher, RMIT Indigenous postdoctoral fellow and guest-editor for Meanjin’s most recent Spring Issue, which features works entirely from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander creators.

The team also discuss the media’s coverage of  sexual assault allegations, in light of recent reporting on UK comedian Russell Brand, and discuss whether Scott Morrison’s book will really be as different from other ex-PM’s memoirs as he says it will be.

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