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Investigations into gun laws in Australia

Charlie and Jess are joined by returning co-host, Meanjin editor Esther Anatolitis. Together they talk to Sarah Elks, senior reporter for The Australian in Brisbane, about her recent investigative series on gun laws…


Will laws around whistleblowing ever change?

Eddie Lloyd is a criminal lawyer and close friend to former Australian Defence Force (ADF) lawyer David McBride. She's been attending and closely following McBride's trial for leaking secret information to journalists about…


Misinformation and disinformation in online media

Dr Jay Daniel Thompson from RMIT joins Charlie and Rachel to discuss the government's proposed digital/online misinformation bill. Together they look at the issues in the language of the proposal and how mis-…


Privacy, defamation and protection in the law

This week on Spin Cycle Jess and Charlie talk to Professor Rick Sarre about the recent change in Queensland law that allows the naming of the accused when they are charged in sexual…


How does power interfere with the transfer of information?

Jess flies solo this week on Spin Cycle and is joined by Daany Saeed, media reporter for Crikey News. Together they discuss the ABC's potential disclosure of footage collected in confidence, the leaking…


How did the media perform on the Voice referendum?

Charlie is joined by returning guest host Rachel Withers of The Monthly. Together they talk to the Centre for Advancing Journalism's media ethics expert and Senior Research Fellow, Dr Denis Muller. 

They discuss…


Context and the media

Jess and Rachel are joined by Peter Lewis of Essential Media to talk about polling, given its prominence in the lead up to the Voice to Parliament referendum. What's the process how do…


How gambling advertising is affecting Australia's youth

Rachel Withers and Jess Lilley are joined by Natasha May, Health reporter for The Guardian Australia, to discuss a special report into the rise in youth gambling - the team ask whether parents…


Investigating Mike Pezzullo with Nick McKenzie

Award winning Investigative journalist Nick Mckenzie (The Age) joins Jess, Charlie and Rachel Withers, to discuss a groundbreaking investigation to former Home Affairs secretary Mike Pezzullo.

The team also discuss the resignations of…


First Nations Stories for Spring, Russell Brand Allegations and ScoMo's Book

A note that this episode contains discussion of sexual assault. If you or anyone requires support, you can call the National Sexual Assault, Family and Domestic Violence Counselling line on 1800 737 732

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