Listen to Seaweed Symposiums & Digesting The Food Webs Of Whales42:5412 March 2023

This week we speak with Deakin University's Dr Alecia Bellgrove about the 2023 International Seaweed Symposium, and the future of seaweed research; Myra Kelly brings us this week’s dive report, including a wrap-up of last week’s legendary clean-up efforts by divers and snorkelers for Clean Up Australia Day; Professor Rob Harcourt, marine scientist from Macquarie University talks about a multinational effort to understand whale feeding behaviour; Cabin Boy asks the question - have you ever wanted to race around the world on a 70-foot yacht? Well Peter Ford knows what that's all about – he’s popping in to tell us about his journey to be part of the Clipper Round the World Race. With presenters Bron Burton and Cabin Boy.

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