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Anote Tong is the former president of Kiribati (pronounced 'Kiribas'), a nation in Micronesia on the brink of disappearing from continually rising sea levels. Now an acclaimed environmental campaigner, Anote Tong fronts an international campaign to highlight the impending catastrophe for his nation. His incredible efforts are captured in 'Anote's Ark', a powerful new documentary directed by Matthieu Rytz, shortly to screen at the upcoming Environmental Film Festival Australia here in Melbourne on 15 October. We are honoured to be speaking with with Anote Tong about this extraordinary film, the dire predictions of the impact of climate change on Kiribati, and his monumental campaign efforts to drive meaningful change. . We'll also speak with Nicole Mertens from the Victorian National Parks Association about Sea Slug Census 2 (the sequel!) - a wonderful citizen science project that captures information about the types of spectacular nudibranchs that inhabit Port Phillip and Westernport Bay. We'll ask Nicole about Sea Slug Census 1 - how it went, what they found, and what they've done with the information collected.

Dr Surf brings us a surf report, including the surf livesaving analysis of 2017 drownings. We'll also catch up with champion kneeboarder Greg Bugden to discuss the importance of fins in high end boards.

Massive show!

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