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Rex and Anth in the shop Sunday!

After a news round up of the things that matter, Wrecks (Rex) Hunter will join us to talk about ships' tonnage. This might sound like a simple idea but there is a fair bit to it and many a person has been led up the garden path as a result. Rex will explore the very important Plimsoll line - named after Samuel Plimsoll, a 19th century UK parliamentarian who managed to save thousands of lives of merchant seaman.

Dr Angela Murphy from Federation Uni will join us live on air to talk about some emerging social research about what people think about using their coastlines in the Barwon area. What do we want with our changing population levels? We hear the watercooler chats but now Fed Uni is looking into some facts. And there is an ad for an upcoming PHD looking into it more for those interested!

Oh and much much more...

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