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o we all know that male seahorses get pregnant but new research from University of Sydney is telling us much more about what happens in that pouch on the dad... this is just one of the bits of news Bron and Anth will bring on Sunday...

Just sit right back and you'll also hear a tale, a tale of a fruitful trip - this week, six Victorian teachers set sail on an expedition in Moreton Bay in Queensland, to assist scientists researching the health of the bay's fragile marine ecosystem. Their quest is part of Earthwatch's Sailing for Seagrass research project, and takes in studying the impact of Brisbane's coastal development on seagrass beds that are vital for the survival of dugongs, Green Sea turtles and other marine life in the bay, including commercial and recreational fisheries. We'll speak with Dr James Udy, Chief Scientist of Healthy Waterways, about the trip, the teachers who were chosen to take part, and what they'll do in taking the learnings from their experiences back into their classrooms.

And finally a couple of weeks ago the marine and coastal gliterati headed to the Arts Centre to find out who won the Victorian Coastal Awards. We did mention it at the time and Sunday Anth brings his review and report from the night. As usual it is humbling to see what amazing community volunteers do along our shores!

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