Listen to Radio Marinara - 26 July 201547:2026 July 2015

Cecelia Whitton is the Executive Officer of the Westernport Biosphere and joins us to talk about Biosphere Reserves in a global context, why and how Westernport is considered as one, and some of the current challenges facing Westernport and other Biospheres around the world.

Sean Doherty, surf scribe and author joins us for a discussion about the big news of the week - 'that' shark attack on 'our' Mick Fanning. Sean has been chatting to those in Sth Africa who were at J Bay, and he's got the low down. There were several photographers in the water at the time - what happened to them? And what does this mean for future events at J Bay and elsewhere? We'll also talk about Patagonia's business philosophy and the environmental causes they support. And two papers that have piqued Dr Beach's interest: one on corals inheriting a love for heat, and the other on microbes deep deep down below the ocean floor.

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