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We've been bringing you up to date the last few Sundays about the annual amassing of the spider crabs in Port Phillip Bay. Local underwater photographer and diving enthusiast PT Hirschfield has been getting out there as often as she can, during the week she shot some sensational footage of the spectacular crustacean 'stacks on', and an opportunistic giant sting ray honing in on a giant crabby smorgasbord. We'll be speaking with PT Hirschfield about her experiences with the spider crabs and her footage that's gone viral.

Scuba for Change is a unique, world first social enterprise in the Scuba Diving industry, where 100% of profits are invested back into local communities in the Phillipines to drive positive and lasting environmental and social legacies. We speak with Scuba for Change Founder and Board Member Albert Li about the origins of the program, where it operates and how it can be supported. We'll talk about diving in the Philippines too - a tempting option in the middle of a Melbourne winter!

And Angeline and Bron talk all things AMSA - the annual conference of the Australian Marine Sciences Association is in full swing, and Angeline and Bron talk about what's going on in downtown Geelong, a notable Queens Birthday marine related Honours award, and campaign news from Sea Shepherd.

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