Listen to Radio Marinara - 12 April 201549:1412 April 2015

We speak with Sea Shepherd Managing Director Jeff Hansen about their hard work over summer, including 'Operation Icefish' - investigating and preventing illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing known generally as 'poaching' in the Southern Ocean, and the recent apparent self-destruction of the Thunder, a vessel well known to Sea Shepherd as a vessel of piracy fishing. Then, Joanne Brookfield, a seasoned professional stand-up comedian, talks about her own experiences with the confronting work done by Sea Shepherd - not something we might associate with stand-up comedy. Joanne not only managed to cut it with the most hardened ocean protectors and activists, but come away from the experience with a stand-up comedy show currently on with the 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Radio Marinara Dive Reporter Terri Allen brings us her monthly dive report, including a special report on the underwater wonders of West Papua, and in direct contrast, cave diving in Mt Gambier. And Angeline brings a bucket of news, including a story about an orca knocking off a great white, and the apparent repercussions since.

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