Listen to Film review of THE HANDOVERS, and a discussion about film screenings SCREAMS ON SCREEN and SEVENTH CINEMA48:1012 February 2024

The Holdovers (2023) Directed by Alexander Payne

“Alexander Payne’s The Holdovers is not the kind of film you would expect to contain a dose of movie magic, but there it is, right there in the lead performance by Paul Giamatti.”
[Derek Armstrong, ReelGood] THE HOLDOVERS is a comedy-drama directed by Alexander Payne (Election, Sideways and Nebraska to name a few…) and set in the winter of 1970. Paul Giamatti plays a strict, pompous teacher at a New England boarding school who is forced to chaperone a handful of students with nowhere to go on Christmas break. The Holdovers is more than just a Christmas movie - it observes some people’s natural levity in late December, while others feel sorrow over those who are now absent, or maybe were never there in the first place. Catch Flick and this week's guest reviewers Dr. Jess Balanzategui and Zach Ruane discuss their thoughts on Payne’s newest film THE HOLDOVERS.

Seventh Cinema Screenings

This Seventh Cinema season is dedicated to exploring the intersections of neo/colonialism and global climate change, zooming in on global colonial expansion and its persistent effects on the environment, human rights, and cultural landscapes.

We spoke to Kori Miles and Lucie Loy regarding the seven-week free film festival in Richmond, delving into the festival's curatorial vision. The festival showcases an array of rare and special films, including titles like "Ten Canoes" and "Neptune Frost." Accompanying each feature film, a carefully selected short film is presented, chosen to complement and enhance the viewing experience of the subsequent film.

The festival has four weeks remaining,
When: Thursday 25 January 2024 - Thursday 07 March 2024, Films commence at 8.45pm.

See the full program at the link below:

Screams on Screen

Get ready - The Capitol will soon become the spookiest place in Melbourne for “Screams on Screen”.

Screams on Screen is a curated program at the interface of art/horror features live music, art, feature films, rarely seen experimental shorts, artist and director talks to celebrate the transgressive, rebellious forces that fuel the horror genre.

Dr. Jess Balanzategui and Zach Ruane are in the studio to chat about Screams on Screen. Co-programmed by Jess, we're excited to get an exclusive sneak peek at the special event featuring Zach, which celebrates the 10-year anniversary of "The Babadook" by Jennifer Kent. Widely regarded as one of the most influential Australian horror films of the 21st century.

When: Friday 16th - Saturday 17th February.
Tickets are $10-15 (great deaaal).

Event link:

Screams on Screen and Seventh Cinema photo

L-R Zach, Jess, Lucie, Kori and Flick.

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