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Greening the Apocalypse - 20 November 2018

Is Slow Food and organic produce an elitist form of status signalling? What's so good about McDonalds?! And why do we need food waste?

Food historian Rachel Laudan joins Adam Grubb and Sarah…


Greening the Apocalypse - 13 November 2018

There's probably no more important single number than how much energy we produce as a globe, nor a more important prediction of what direction that trend is heading. It's almost impossible to think…


Greening the Apocalypse - 6 November 2018

Our climate is too hot. We are in an emergency. How do we get this message out to the wider public? Bushy and Jed are with clinical psychologist Jane Morton, making the case…


Greening the Apocalypse - 30 October 2018

Bushy and Jed chat with Nikola Van de Wetering from 4ZZZZ in Brisbane on her audio documentary At The Coalface and the general attitude towards coal in QLD. You can hear the documentary…


Greening the Apocalypse - 23 October 2018

Bushy, Kate and Jed are in the studio, fronting up to climate change. They look at examples of what has been done in the past and what needs to be done in the…


Greening the Apocalypse - 16 October 2018

Adam and Kent welcome first time host David Spratt, author of What Lies Beneath: The scientific understatement of climate risks. They chat with Rob Crawford - Senior Lecturer and Research Fellow in the…


Greening the Apocalypse - 9 October 2018

Adam chats to Manfred Lenzen, Professor in the School of physics of the University of Sydney, about his study on the energy, carbon emissions, water, biodiversity loss and labour that goes into powering…


Greening the Apocalypse - 2 October 2018

Bushy, Adam, Kent and Sarah are in to chat with Kirstin Bradley, one third of the sustainability skills and permaculture education project Milkwood team. They cover various aspects of Milkwood's new book, ranging…


Greening the Apocalypse - 25 September 2018

Arianne and Kate are with Dylan McConnell, an energy analyst from the Australian-German Climate and Energy College. On this episode, they talk about where we get our electricity from, the transition to clean…


Greening the Apocalypse - 18 September 2018

Kate, Bushy and Kent are joined by Matiu Bush, to look at loneliness - Matiu is the founder of One Good Street, a social networking platform for encouraging neighbour initiated care for older…

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There is a crack in everything, that's where the light gets in. Each week the Greening the Apocalypse team talk to the tinkerers and thinkerers, the freaks and geeks from permaculturists and eco-farmers to alt-tech innovators and peer-to-peer information networkers who are growing fascinating new systems through the fault lines of the old.

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