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Assange wins right to appeal extradition, the moral panic surrounding refugees, Climate Clangers + music chats

Dylan is joined by Julian Assange’s father John Shipton to update on the campaign to free his son, following the London High Court’s ruling to grant Assange the right to appeal his extradition…


Arrest warrants for Israel and Hamas, why it's unfair to blame the housing crisis on migration, falling Indigenous participation in footy and Bumpy’s busy year

Dylan is joined by Andrea Furger, Graduate Researcher in International Law at The University of Melbourne and former member of staff at the International Criminal Court, to discuss the ICC Chief Prosecutor’s arrest…


LGBTQIA+ safety in community sport, Palestine solidarity on uni campuses, Australia’s new gas policy and plants on the Moon

Content warning: this episode contains discussion of homophobia and queerphobia in sport - if you find any of this distressing, you can receive specialised peer support via QLife on 1800 184 527 or


Professor Kate Fitz-Gibbon on securing women's safety, 'Not In My Name', community in the digital age and more

Content warning: our first interview this week touches on issues of domestic violence, sexual assault and violence against women in Australia. If any of these topics are sensitive or impact you, or if


Scrapped safe injecting room, hostage diplomacy, the Great Forest National Park + more

Dylan is joined by Benita Kolovos, Victorian state correspondent for Guardian Australia, who explains the state government’s decision not to proceed with a second safe injecting room in Melbourne, despite an expert report…


The Pentagon’s infiltration of Australian universities, public housing towers' demolition, ‘Meth Highway’ and more

Dylan is joined by journalists Stephanie Tran and Eve Cogan to get into their investigative report for Declassified Australia The Pentagon’s Infiltration of Australian Universities, which uncovered that the US Defence Department…


Fixing the festival problem, the Coalition’s nuclear push, LGBTQIA+ safety in football + more

Warning: this episode contains topics around mental health, violence and the recent attack at Bondi Junction on Saturday April 13. If any of these issues bring you distress, you can visit lifeline at


Carbon credits 'scam'; Jeff Sparrow on Gaza; Shocking, Heartbreaking, Transformative + more

Dylan is joined by Andrew Macintosh, Professor of Environmental Law and Policy at ANU, who discusses his research into the integrity of Australia’s carbon credit scheme, which formed the basis of an article…


Fleeing Gaza, women’s running safety, and Jim White’s debut solo album

Dylan is joined by David Manne, Executive Director of Refugee Legal, to talk about their work helping Palestinians who had their visitor visas cancelled en-route to Australia.

Jill Young drops by to chat…


Yanis Varoufakis, ‘Strongman’ Dutton, the end of Spunk Records, and homelessness

Dylan is joined by economist and bestselling author Yanis Varoufakis to unpack his recent book Technofeudalism: What Killed Capitalism and why we should be concerned about this new economic and political age.


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