Listen to Stuttering, Oceanic Plates, BoM Kerfuffle52:3723 October 2022

Professor Meghan S. Miller, Research School of Earth Sciences, The Australian National University, talks about her research into critical tectonic plate boundaries, in particular, subduction zones where oceanic plates are descending into the Earth’s deep interior (e.g. Indonesia, Alaska, Japan, Italy). Her research asks questions such as, How has the outermost layer of the Earth evolved?  How do processes and structures deep within the Earth control the geology we can observe at the surface? And Elaina Kefalianos (PhD), Vice-President, Stuttering Association for the Young, talks about her research and work in stuttering. In local news, the team explore the BoM re-brand kerfuffle, and also the genetic aftermath post-bubonic plague. With presenters Dr. Shane and Chris KP.

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