Listen to Teaching Evaluations, Brain Cancer Treatment, and the Hidden Dangers of Floodwaters52:2516 October 2022

Dr Megan Lee from Bond University chats about student evaluations of teachers and how these contribute to increased stress in academics. When feedback isn't constructive it can be harmful - and asking both academics and students for ideas on how to improve the process is resulting in promising ways forward; Dr Jessica Buck from the Telethon Kids Institute and the University of Western Australia talks about the difficulties of treating brain cancer, however combining drugs with traditional radiotherapy treatment can help decrease short and long term side effects associated with treatment; Chris KP discusses the dangers of floodwaters - including risk of infection and animals in the water. (Avoid submerging any of your body openings in floodwater!) Also discussed are whether bumblebees remember sweetness of flowers, how the sex of a researcher handling mice in a lab can affect their behaviour, and the evolutionary purpose of hair. With presenters Dr. Shane and Chris KP.
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Dr Shane chats with Psychologist Emma-Rose Parsons from Spectrum House about teacher and school staff mental health as we approach the start of the school year and a return to face-to-face learning.

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