Listen to Round #2 of 20 PhDs in 20 Mins!49:0818 May 2020

Presenters Dr. Shane, Dr. Lauren and Dr. Krystal host Round 2 of 20 PhDs in 20 Minutes special, featuring:

Hannah Savage - University of Melbourne – Perception of threat

Caleb Dawson - The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute - 3D fluorescence imaging

Georgie Buckley - Swinburne University – Disordered eating

Karinna Saxby - Monash University – Cultural minority sexual health

Fernando Gordillo Altamirano - Monash University – ICU infection

Arianna Oddo - Monash Institute of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and CSIRO – medicating beyond the blood brain barrier

Julianna Kadar - Macquarie University – The Port Jackson Shark

Sarah Gauci - Swinburne University – Relationship of dietary patterns and cognitive decline.

Aida Brydon - Swinburne University of Technology – Tele-health counselling

Emily McColl-Gausden - University of Melbourne – tracking with DNA

Sarah McColl-Gausden - University of Melbourne – vegetation under fire threat.

Kate Secombe - University of Adelaide – treatment of diarrhea during cancer treatment

Georgie Craig - The University of Melbourne – nerve cell coating in isolated mice

Alec Jamieson - Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre, The University of Melbourne – Connectivity of brain tissue with depression

Lena Meyer - UNSW Canberra Space and CSIRO Manufacturing Lab 22 – 3D printed satellite applications

Alexandra Hendon - University of Hull, UK – Mimicking chronic wounds

Leah Beauchamp - Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health – Loss of sense of smell in Parkinson’s disease

Nick Shepelin - University of Melbourne – harvesting energy from movement

Indee Hopkins - RMIT University – Alternative protein sources

Winnie Orchard - Monash University – post partum brains!

Science News:

The Eastern Beared Bandicoot rescued from extinction, Using a synchrotron to help preserve The Scream created by Norwegian Expressionist artist Edvard Munch.

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