Radiothon 2021 - on now

Radiothon is on now!

Radiothon 2021 - on now

Radiothon is on now!

Listen to Einstein A Go Go - 5 April 202049:0211 April 2020

Einstein A Go Go - Sunday 5th April 2020

Dr Lynden, Dr Ray, and Dr Shane.

Science news: Backstreet boys harmonise but not just boy bands – dolphins, the analysis of the sound of soap popping, Dr Shane facts – Cut the number of times news sites are accessed, how much and how fast optical fibre being laid, how to employ a healthy scepticism in news feeds. Environmental reaction to isolation.

First Guest: Professor Sara Mojarad, University of Southern California

Science Communication & Medical Education Lecturer, specializing in social media. Helping the Medical and Engineering community better communicate.

Second and Third Guests: Tara-Lyn Camilleri-Carter PhD candidate/researcher School Biological Sciences, Monash University and Professor Sara Mojarad. Epigenetic research in fruit flies, in particular, exposure to sugar.

Remember, “Science is everywhere”, including:

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