Jane Gilmour on Breakfasters 2019

Breakfasters: ‘Don’t Despair’ Jane Gilmour on the Future of Feminism

‘Q: In 25 words or less, what is the future of feminism?

A: It’s liberation from the constraints of patriarchy and that’s liberation for men, women, children and everyone else as well.’


Live in Studio
Brooke Powers aka Female Wizard

Take a Trip with DJ Female Wizard on Tomorrow Never Knows

‘How can I break the 4/4 and make people dance to something else… discover something else.’ Prolific Melbourne DJ Female Wizard (formally Brooke Powers) joins Tomorrow Never Knows for an incredible live mix…

Archie Roach 2019 Promo Image

Archie Roach’s Positivity Shines on Sill Here

‘It’s a place you go when you’re feeling down and need to recharge your spiritual batteries - a bit of peace when you’ve had a mouthful of all the rubbish.’ Archie Roach joins…


Maps – 20 May 2019

An episode of Maps on 20 May 2019

Election Pole Segment Version

Why Were the Polls So Wrong? Toby Halligan Unpacks the Results of the Federal Election

According to Breakfasters political commentator Toby Halligan, elections are a form of story renewal – and it turns out the story Australia likes best is Spot Likes His Franking Credits.

Toby admits that…

Astral Glamour feature image

Astral Glamour – 20 May 2019

An episode of Astral Glamour on 20 May 2019

New York 2140 - Kim Stanley Robinson

Zero G – Episode #1237 – We Can Be Zeroes Just For One Day

We try to keep our heads above water this week and check out 'New York 2140' by Kim Stanley Robinson, the Tremors franchise, as well as a few other bitties including our feelings…

Room With A View Feature Image

Room With A View – 20 May 2019

An episode of Room With A View on 20 May 2019

Grapevine feature image updated

The Grapevine – 20 May 2019

Cam Walker from Friends of the Earth talks election results, and OK EG stop by for a chat.

Breakfasters Program Image 2019

Breakfasters – 20 May 2019

An episode of Breakfasters on 20 May 2019

Graveyard feature image

The Graveyard Shift – 20 May 2019

Presented by Jamie McCarthy

Mixed Signals preview image 1

Mixed Signals – 20 May 2019

An episode of Mixed Signals on 20 May 2019

Teenage Hate program image

Teenage Hate – 19 May 2019

An episode of Teenage Hate on 19 May 2019

Where Yo Is

Where Yo Is – 19 May 2019

An episode of Where Yo Is on 19 May 2019

Under the Sun

Under The Sun – 19 May 2019

An episode of Under The Sun on 19 May 2019

Jazz Feldy - Presenter Image

Good Fortune – 19 May 2019

An episode of Good Fortune on 19 May 2019

JVG Radio Method

JVG Radio Method – 19 May 2019

Lou Davies drops by for a live set and a natter.

Still Here Feature Image

Still Here – 19 May 2019

An episode of Still Here on 19 May 2019

Eat It feature program image #2

Eat It – 19 May 2019

Today we spoke to Annam's Jerry Mai about her new book Street Food Vietnam, chatted to super-chef Donovan Cooke about his upcoming collaboration with the Gin Palace, and we discussed home made raspberry…

Station filler image mic in voice booth

Einstein A Go-Go – 19 May 2019

An episode of Einstein A Go-Go on 19 May 2019