Get Down

Get Down – 14 November 2019

Chris Gill catches up with Ziggy Zeitgeist, the singers from Women of Soul, and Ausecuma Beats.

Smart Arts

SmartArts – 14 November 2019

An episode of SmartArts on 14 November 2019

Breakfasters Program Image 2019

Breakfasters – 14 November 2019

An episode of Breakfasters on 14 November 2019

Graveyard feature image

The Graveyard Shift – 14 November 2019

Presented by Clara Slewa

Sleeptalker program image

SleepTalker – 14 November 2019

Canadian artist Alanna Ho shares some entries from her audio dream journal.

The Golden Age of Piracy feature image

The Golden Age Of Piracy – 13 November 2019

AA Matheson chooses his Formative Five

International Pop Underground program image

The International Pop Underground – 13 November 2019

An episode of The International Pop Underground on 13 November 2019

Byte Into It

Byte Into IT – 13 November 2019

Melbourne Law School researcher Hui Xian Chia discusses whether an algorithm with ‘personality’ would build trust.

Out On The Patio

Out On The Patio – 13 November 2019

Tex Perkins is Mon's guest in the studio.

Mary Mihelakos on Breakfasters

Breakfasters: All Aboard the Melbourne Music Bus!

What has 25 seats, visits the sites of Melbourne’s storied musical history, and has a different musical luminary acting as tour guide on every outing? Why, it’s the Melbourne Music Bus, that’s what…

Professor David Lindenmayer AO

Uncommon Sense: Is the New Logging Announcement Enough to Rescue Our Native Forests?

Last week, the Victorian Government announced that they will begin transitioning away from logging native forests over the next ten years and stop logging old growth forests immediately. But will these changes be…

New & Groovy

New & Groovy – 13 November 2019

An episode of New & Groovy on 13 November 2019 presented by Jonathan Griffiths filling in for Johnny Topper

The Glasshouse Program Image - Square

The Glasshouse – 13 November 2019

Going Down Swinging co-editor Magenta Sheridan tells us about the launch of issue 40.

Suzi Q Makers on Respect the Rock

Respect the Rock: Shining a Light on Suzi Quatro

Legendary rocker Suzi Quatro recently released a hard rock record. As Tait Brady, producer of the documentary Suzi Q, asks, ‘What 69 year old grandmother does that?’

Tait and the film’s director…

Melissa Cranenburgh feature image

Backstory – 13 November 2019

Author Jane Sullivan and Associate Professor Leonie Rutherford join the show.

Audio archive
John Waters and Sally Christie

John Waters - Plato's Cave

Filmmaker John Waters speaks to Plato's Cave presenter Sallie Christie

Audio archive
Genevieve Bailey on Breakfasters

Genevieve Bailey - Breakfasters

Filmmaker Genevieve Bailey re her film "Happy Sad Man"

Audio archive
Mona Eltahawy on Breakfasters

Mona Eltahawy - Breakfasters

Writer and commentator Mona Eltahawy re her book "The Seven Necessary Sins for Women and Girls"

Audio archive
Judith Lucy on Radio Marinara

Judith Lucy - Radio Marinara

Comedian Judith Lucy talks about efforts to save Ningaloo Reef

Audio archive
Sam Lane with the Breakfasters

Dylan Moran - Breakfasters

Sarah talks to Dylan Moran about his upcoming shows in Melbourne.