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SmartArts: Getting Mythical With Melanie Lane's Arkadia

Arkadia is a brand new dance-opera from choreographer and performer Melanie Lane.

Inspired loosely by science fiction, Arkadia takes place in a garden paradise where a whirlwind of gods, nymphs and aliens transform and stretch between the natural and digital world.

To unravel the new performance piece, both Malanie Lane and composer Chris Clark (aka DJ/producer CLARK on Warp Records) joined Oliver Coleman in the studio to talk through their creative and collaborative processes.

“I think something that really drew me to these mythic spaces is that in this idea of paradise we can rest. we can enjoy pleasure. We can do all these things we never have the time to do in our realities.”

Arkadia is part of RISING festival from June 5-8 and has been commissioned and co-presented by The Substation.

Photo: supplied by RISING festival.

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