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Radio Marinara: Brady Hamilton on Monitoring Pesticide in Waterways

Brady Hamilton, Deakin University researcher, has started a nationwide citizen science project called Pesticide Watch, which engages members of the public to monitor pesticides in our waterways. The program stretches right down the east coast of Australia and includes more than 100 sites representing over 40 Australian rivers and streams. Data and sample collection involves distributing a bespoke kit to interested groups across Australia (which includes syringes, filters, gloves, pen, and a protocol to follow). Each site uses this kit to provide water samples which can then be analysed for 800 different pesticide residues, filling in a vital knowledge gap for land managers.

Some of the pesticides found include those that aren't very well controlled, including Atrazine, a systemic triazine herbicide that has been banned in the EU for 20 years, but is still in use in Australia.

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