From an episode of Breaking And EnteringPresented by Lauren Taylor and Simon Winkler


Breaking And Entering: Fever Ray Is A Radical Romantic

Simon and Lauren are joined on the line for a special interview with Swedish music royalty - producer & songwriter Karin Dreijer aka Fever Ray.

They discuss Karin’s long-running music career with their sibling Olof Dreijer in band The Knife and unpack the dense themes circulating in Fever Ray’s most recent album Radical Romantics.

‘Around the time when I wrote this album, I was very curious and struggling to find out how to have romantic relationships. How is it even possible? Also within our community today with this super capitalist society that we have today, there is so little time for relationships.’

Fever Ray makes their Australian debut for RISING, playing 9-10 June at Hamer Hall.

Photo credit: RISING

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