SEEKING ASYLUM: In Episode 5, Bez and Jim discuss the recent findings of the Victorian Ombudsman's investigation into the hard lockdown of the nine public housing towers this past July. They also discuss the media coverage surrounding the police shooting of 22 year old Somali-Australian Raghe Mohammed Abdi, and Jim interviews Bez about her family's refugee journey.

Playlist for Vocal Minority – 21 December 2020
  • Hip HopDead Prez
  • Pig Feet ft. Denzel Curry & Kamasi WashingtonTerrace Martin
  • Ode To IgnoranceREMI
  • AustrAlienDyspOra
  • Peng Black Girls Remix ft. Jorja SmithENNY

About this program

A six-part series that explores the ways that racism continues to permeate this country's culture - from Terra Nullius and the White Australia policy, to over-policing and Nauru.

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