RRR Summer Program Generic 2020
Listen to The Outer, Outer Limits – 13 January 202102:00:0013 January 2021
Playlist for The Outer, Outer Limits – 13 January 2021
  • Kriminal ThemeMaledictus Sound
  • The Girl from IpanemaRichard Hayman's Electric Latin Love Machine
  • The RobotsSenor Coconut y su Conjunto
  • Die RoboterKraftwerk
  • FlashSuper Erotica
  • TequilaLuis Enriquez & His Electronic Men
  • Samba ElectronicaThe Sign of Four
  • Palermo's GrunchLos Piranas
  • Melted SoulCha Cha Shaw
  • Limits BeyondThe Marketts
  • MindblowerThe Love Machine
  • Name of the GameAlan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett
  • Cavalcade SideraleLes Guitares
  • Mind TransferralDavie Allen & The Arrows
  • Marsoul AlhoubAbdou El Omari
  • CarsambaMustafa Ozkent
  • Excerpt from Moon Zero TwoDon Ellis
  • SpiralysDaniela Casa
  • Disco DevilLee 'Scratch' Perry
  • A Pox On YouSilver Apples
  • Sweet BeatStefano Torrosi
  • ShochwaveIndex
  • Jericho JerkPierre Henry
  • The Streets of CalcuttaAndar Shankar
  • LoveSarita
  • Electric to me TurnBruce Haack
  • CaravanVincent Bell
  • Jumping Jack FlashThe Moog Machine
  • Magic Fly Space
  • People from another WorldThe Jive People
  • Big Red SatelliteHasil Adkins
  • RithmofeelingJack Hendrix
  • Whitey on the MoonGil Scott-Heron
  • Folsom Prison BluesGil Tryhall

About this program

Earth of this Dimension (1984-27B/6) has been earmarked for imminent redevelopment (ie. destruction). There is one last channel of defence. A formal objection is being lodged to the Intergalactic Advisory Committee for Planning and Redevelopment by Doctor PopaLotaCorn, who has been monitoring and archiving Earth music for many zarquons now and is committed to preserving it.