RRR Summer Program Generic 2020
Listen to The Outer, Outer Limits – 6 January 202102:00:006 January 2021
Playlist for The Outer, Outer Limits – 6 January 2021
  • Rachmaninoff's Prelude in C#minorLes Baxter's Moog Rock
  • Radioactive Flip FlopUnknown Mental Case
  • Nuclear WeaponBaba Brooks & His Band
  • Hydrogen BombThe Laurels
  • Jesus Hits Like The Atomic BombThe 5 Blind Boys of Alabama
  • DoomsdayZen Fuller
  • El GuazonLos Belkings
  • The World Is GoneThe Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra
  • Fallout ShelterMike & Bernie Winters
  • Fallout ShelterDore Alpert
  • AxusSpace Art
  • Space Monster PartyTape Man
  • 50 MegatonsSonny Russell
  • A Bomb BopMike Fern
  • Thirteen MenAnn-Margaret
  • Thirteen WomenThe Renegades
  • Hanged in the UniverseHerman's Rocket
  • The RaceBruno Spoerri
  • Nuclear WarSun Ra
  • Gemini 4The What Four
  • La BombaDon Lucho y Su Pandilla
  • Blood and FireNiney the Observer
  • Nuclear BombThe Revolutionaries
  • Tormenta en La Mar de La TranquilidadLos Jaguars
  • Yes to the Neutron BombThe Moderates
  • Domine Libra Nos/ ShowdownSpace Lady
  • Conflit NucleaireNino Nardini
  • A Mushroom CloudSammy Salvo
  • I'm Gonna Dig Myself a HoleArthur "Big Boy" Crudup
  • When You See Those Flying SaucersThe Buchanan Brothers
  • Flying Saucers in The AirMonty Johnson
  • Journey to the StarsTakeshi Terauchi
  • L'Age Atomique Suite et FinElli & Jacno
  • Lilith/Singing In The DarkBruno Spoerri
  • Journey to the 7th PlanetOtto Brandenburg
  • Fur EliseMusic to Moog By
  • The Year 2000Estelle

About this program

Earth of this Dimension (1984-27B/6) has been earmarked for imminent redevelopment (ie. destruction). There is one last channel of defence. A formal objection is being lodged to the Intergalactic Advisory Committee for Planning and Redevelopment by Doctor PopaLotaCorn, who has been monitoring and archiving Earth music for many zarquons now and is committed to preserving it.