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Playlist for The Good, The Dub & The Global – 6 April 2021
  • Sun Sun Damba ECarlos Puebla and Satiago Martinez and Pedro Sosa
  • Mouhamodou Lo and His ChildrenWau Wau Collectif
  • White NoiseDancing Water
  • SwayGhetto Priest
  • Abolegele GaleJupiter & Okwess
  • Borders (Can't Contain Us)Radar Station
  • Dunia Te TossoyeMidnight Ravers
  • N'Na Midnight Ravers RemixLes Ambassadeurs du Motel de Bamako
  • TamaLyonPraktika & Dom Peter
  • Doni Doni Praktika mixMidnight Ravers
  • Nodozo feat Simon WinsePraktika
  • Bus pour Segou feat Tusty N ZorePraktika
  • Rencontre feat Simon WinsePraktika
  • Island Girl Dubtraphobic RemixAri Up
  • Superstylin Dubtraphobic RemixRude Boy feat Kardi Tivali
  • Armagideon Time Dubtraphobic RemixSeanie T (Dub Pistols)
  • Te Hau Maru Paddy Free DubNga Tae
  • Condensor (Paddy Free Remix)Deepfried Dub
  • SatelliteTornado Wallace
  • Divine ObsolescencePolito

About this program

Explores the differences between traditional and contemporary global rhythms, the goodness of dub and other tasty treats that fall into the description of Good! Expect music from all corners of the planet near and far and a healthy bassline to kick the day along in a musical stylee.