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Playlist for The Good, The Dub & The Global – 30 March 2021
  • SurbajoLes Filles de Illghadad
  • Panter feat Kasai Allstars + BasokinMontparnasse
  • FoliwilenNahawa Doumbia
  • DualSmadj
  • Unkol James BrownTjupurra
  • GriotAnthony Joseph & The Spasm Band
  • Let I GoMop Mop
  • Calling England HomeAnthony Joseph
  • Now (Forever Momentary Space)Damon Locks - Black Monument Ensemble
  • Kiko MedinaLe Tropical Jazz
  • Overtly TropicalImi & Zooey
  • Bosques Via TemperleyChancha Via Circuito
  • Mama (Patchworks Remix)David Walters
  • Forsetic Journey DubBinga
  • ShipwreckedInternational Observer
  • Let Go of Fear DubAMJ Collective feat Nai Jah
  • Exodus Lee Groves Dubtraphobic RemixTackhead
  • Dub Is All Ive Got Lee Groves Dubtraphobic RemixDub Syndicate feat U Roy
  • Triple PointOK EG

About this program

Explores the differences between traditional and contemporary global rhythms, the goodness of dub and other tasty treats that fall into the description of Good! Expect music from all corners of the planet near and far and a healthy bassline to kick the day along in a musical stylee.