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Presented by Billy Shears filling in for Bethany Atkinson Quinton

Playlist for The Glasshouse – 19 May 2021
  • Which Way You Goin’ Billy?The Poppy Family
  • BillyJohn Grant
  • C’Mon Billy (Demo)PJ Harvey
  • KebabylonArab Strap
  • Qasmuna (Dreaming)Fatima Al Qadari
  • Last NightArooj Aftab
  • Ancestral DucketsJyoti
  • Dimensions of a Strange Land 异境Mindy Meng Wang 王萌
  • Caught in my EyeThe Chills
  • The Lives of OthersYou am I
  • Just In My HeadMarie Davidson & L’Œil Nu
  • I Am a Youth Inclined to RambleBonnie Prince Billy & Matt Sweeney

About this program

The Glasshouse is a space for spoken word artists, poets, sound makers, audio storytellers, emerging cultural leaders, thinkers, writers and anyone who celebrates story as a means of self-expression, self-representation and community-building.

Witness the growth and renewal of our stories and histories, and reflect on how our stories are told and who they’re told by.