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The Apartments' Peter Milton-Walsh and The Electorate's Joshua Morris discuss their new albums.

Playlist for The Australian Mood – 24 September 2020
  • PlanetariumThe Bo-Weevils
  • No Weapon But LoveIcecream Hands
  • If You Sail OutBuddy Glass
  • Hold On78 Saab
  • Keep WalkingEl Tee
  • Where You Used To BeThe Apartments
  • I Don't Give A F... About You AnymoreThe Apartments
  • Don't GoSaD
  • Blood On The WindscreenSuzi Stapleton
  • Betty JacksonMick Medew
  • Peanut Butter JarsThe Electorate
  • SkeletonThe Electorate
  • Gypsy In My SoulLobby Loyde with Sudden Electric
  • Jet Pack NightmareJames Williamson And Deniz Tek
  • It Still BurnsMike Elrington
  • Snakes And LaddersCrumbe
  • Silly Ol' BodyTeam Love
  • Sync Or SwimS-Bahn
  • AO ModSpy V Spy

About this program

Two hours of Australian music, playing the best of the new releases and the best from the past! Plus feature interviews, news, views, reviews, in-studio performances, as well as regular guests Jeff Jenkins (The Music) and Ian McFarlane.