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Playlist for Teenage Hate – 2 August 2020
  • It Ain't MeThe Reatards
  • I Fought the LawThe Clash
  • CombattiKobra
  • Structural OppressionForeseen
  • Cellar DwellerImpalers
  • Stand My GroundMass Arrest
  • Eraser IIIS.H.I.T.
  • AnimosityLiquid Face
  • Inadequate ManTOY
  • Got The FeelsConcrete
  • Night Of The HunterLong Knife
  • Manual PoliciacoCadenaxo
  • FoesCage Kicker
  • Wants In CellsGesture
  • Parlour GamesDame
  • EvidencePowerplant
  • New PromotionG.T.R.R.C
  • Padded CellG.T.R.R.C
  • This Is The OneG.T.R.R.C
  • Bring It On HomeLiquids
  • Rotten MasterClock Of Time
  • MedemensImpotentie
  • SurvivalRigorous Institution
  • Death or LiesSubdued
  • Tired of waking up tiredThe Diodes
  • Hurtin' BoysTommy and the Commies
  • JellyrollThe Cowboy
  • Flat Tyre VelibNathan Roche
  • ProgramProgram
  • Every Flower I SeeYoung Guv
  • Hunger For A Way OutSweeping Promises
  • Matter of TimeFloodlights
  • Roll Me UpWillie Nelson
  • Bronze CoveCactus Head
  • The ThumpsPossible Humans
  • Nothing For YouTSOL

About this program

Named after the first Reatards album, Teenage Hate presents the latest in punk, garage, hardcore, noise and pysch with an emphasis on Australian releases and bands. Expect new releases, interviews, guest announcers, mini specials and fun times. Join Tim Scott's punk party on the airwaves.