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Playlist for Teenage Hate – 14 June 2020
  • It Ain't MeThe Reatards
  • HousesLook!Pond
  • NeapolitanRomero
  • Say Something100R
  • EjectionBad Boys
  • I Got No FriendsHedgehogs
  • Mumia Livre JaKaos Reality
  • Mille Uni FormiMakhnovcina
  • GridlockVintage Crop
  • Life AdviceThe Cool Greenhouse
  • 7 / 8Psykik Vylence
  • Can't Have A LickMutant Strain
  • Fuck Going On?Woodstock 99
  • Going Off The GridCement Shoes
  • The DevilCB Radio Gorgeous
  • CrimeGoldie Dawn
  • I'd Rather Be With MeHank Wood and The Hammerheads
  • Don't Call The CopsCherry Cheeks
  • Minimum WageCherry Cheeks
  • TracersDer Stab
  • Room For OneEater
  • She's In Love (With The Rolling Stones)The Telefones
  • They KnowProgram
  • Another Time Another PlaceToo Much
  • I'm No Good With Numbers But I know Which Tram I'm onDisco Junk
  • The Artist Formerly Known as Jimmy vs DiatCollective Hardcore
  • ZenomorphZenomorph
  • Blood SausageCTRL Group
  • HiBallGimmick
  • InfrasoundGeld
  • PlasmaPlasma
  • Fuck Off ForeverTappo
  • You're GoodHeavy Discipline
  • HeadstoneOily Boys
  • Seretonin SteveChain Whip
  • Class OppressionThe Chisel
  • Horse GirlSniffany and the Nits
  • Living In The WoodsErik Nervous
  • Do Me A FavorKeith Ival
  • Play With FireTakkhalha
  • Everybody In The World Is HappyThe Cowboys
  • Linoleum (NOFX cover)Social Capital
  • The GardenTom Ridgewell
  • Second LandingAlien Nosejob

About this program

Named after the first Reatards album, Teenage Hate presents the latest in punk, garage, hardcore, noise and pysch with an emphasis on Australian releases and bands. Expect new releases, interviews, guest announcers, mini specials and fun times. Join Tim Scott's punk party on the airwaves.