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Playlist for Teenage Hate – 12 April 2020
  • I'm So GoneThe Reatards
  • If You Don't Want My LoveJohn Prine
  • Catholic GuiltLow Life
  • HemlockLA Suffocated
  • The Day God DiedGrotesque Circular Dance
  • No NosVicious Visions
  • Broken HandsMudhoney
  • The LawBanshee
  • John TitorThe Darvocets
  • LimousineHierophants
  • MovementSlovenly
  • PressurePrisoners of Rock & Roll
  • Hog (I'm A Hog For You Baby)The Groupies
  • Try (To Fall in Love)Cooker
  • Blackpool'20The Chisel
  • Liminal SpacePermission
  • AmericalatinaConducta Errátika
  • AttackNosferatu
  • Body BagViolent Christians
  • Christian ContradictionMaufrais
  • Not My GuyVivienne Styg
  • Your HouseNeutrals
  • I Hate Lying to My MomNarrow Adventure
  • I'm a BugThe Urinals
  • Holding For HealthcareMr. Wrong
  • Working Women Are Pissed (believe her)Come Holy Spirit
  • Killer ClownGimmick
  • BonesawTommy Fuck
  • Job ClubNape Neck
  • Military IssuedHash Bag
  • Evolution LetdownAndroid
  • StopThe G.V.B.
  • RopyA.I.
  • 4Tristan Davies
  • ColdDraconian
  • Harvest TimePharaoh Sanders

About this program

Named after the first Reatards album, Teenage Hate presents the latest in punk, garage, hardcore, noise and pysch with an emphasis on Australian releases and bands. Expect new releases, interviews, guest announcers, mini specials and fun times. Join Tim Scott's punk party on the airwaves.