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Playlist for Teenage Hate – 23 February 2020
  • It Ain't MeThe Reatards
  • Selling Sucking Blackmail BribesCIVIC
  • Another DayProgram
  • Weight Of The WorldAlien Nosejob
  • On The RoofThe Feelies
  • City StrainHouse Deposit
  • CitizenHeirophants
  • Seperation StreetThe Blinds
  • Breaking LooseThe Number Ones
  • Kill Them Or YouSubdued
  • System OverloadIntegrity
  • John Wayne (Is a Cowboy (And Is On Twitter))UBIK
  • Summer Is A Small TownCleaners From Venus
  • The BulletGutter Girls
  • Only My OwnDIÄT
  • LobotomyFried E/M
  • LipskickLucta
  • VolverMinima
  • Me And YouMurderer
  • FearRadioactivity
  • Sex Dot ComBloody Hell
  • Get YouBad Sports
  • Midnight LineRaspberry Bulbs
  • Cross-Eyed ManPregnancy Scares
  • Point Fourty-FourPregnancy Scares
  • ChemtrailsPregnancy Scares
  • People VS GovernmentRocky And The Sweden
  • Eight Floors AboveCrutch
  • The ConsultationBloody Hell
  • WickerThe Dance Asthmatics

About this program

Named after the first Reatards album, Teenage Hate presents the latest in punk, garage, hardcore, noise and pysch with an emphasis on Australian releases and bands. Expect new releases, interviews, guest announcers, mini specials and fun times. Join Tim Scott's punk party on the airwaves.