'Zzzzz: Sleep, Somnambulism and Madness' explores representations of the sleeping figure within contemporary art, and how artists explore ideas of the subconscious and altered states. Shown at Gertrude Contemporary last year, the exhibition is now on display at the Murray Art Museum in Albury until August 18th, 2019.

In this feature episode of SleepTalker, Bec talks Gertrude's Artistic Director Mark Feary about his curation of Zzzzz, and artists The Telepathy Project (Veronica Kent and Sean Peoples) and Alexandra Murray-Leslie from Chicks On Speed, about their works exploring sleep, dreams, the subconscious and alternate communication modes.

Playlist for SleepTalker – 1 August 2019

About this program

A show about sleep, dreams, nightmares and what happens in your head after dark. Meditations from the edges of consciousness, exploring circadian rhythms, mental health, what keeps us awake and helps us drift. Interviews, field recordings, sound art, creative audio and ambient music to keep you company in the dark.

SleepTalker started as an independent podcast in 2014, and now joins the Triple R grid as a weekly two-hour live show.

Get in touch if you have sleepy sounds, dream recollections, nightmares, sleeping patterns or nighttime stories you want to share on the show.