Listen to Respect The Rock – 4 April 201902:00:004 April 2019
Playlist for Respect The Rock – 4 April 2019
  • Asshet AkalMdou Moctar
  • Million Dollar DownstrokeMod Vigil
  • Nervous Mary The Breeders
  • Bad DiseaseStiff Richards
  • DylanJess Riberio
  • All Along the WatchtowerBob Dylan
  • gone coldclutch
  • SleepL.A Witch
  • Here If you NeedWet Lips
  • TanquerayShepparton Airplane
  • 1956 And All ThatMclusky
  • hot doctorwurst nurse
  • sparks firewarped
  • Touch That SpaceMagic Dirt
  • Real TenderPalm Springs
  • Pack AnimalsCash Savage and The Last Drinks
  • Party ThemeThe Living Eyes
  • Pub FeedThe Chats
  • Peter and PaulHits
  • Mr BlameThe UV Race
  • I'll Be Fine NowTotally Unicorn
  • You Were RightJulia Jacklin
  • Clean and StrongGonzo
  • Here No MoreBlack Bats
  • Don't Push Anyone in the RiverAll Of The Dirt All At Once

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Hear the rock 'n' roll universe expand as Tadpole travels to all the corners of rock and back again. Also featuring the gig guide, and the odd segment.