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Get around some top-notch local metal and hardcore releases in this all-local edition of the show. Jem from Castlemaine duo DEAD also joins the show to tell us about their latest album, 'Raving Drooling'.

Playlist for Requiem For A Scream – 21 April 2020
  • Existence Is Exile – Nothingess, HomeBolt Gun
  • Dissolved OrdersUlcerate
  • Coldest Of ColdKing
  • The SunDawn
  • All Roads LeasMyriad Drone
  • AmorphousFreedom Of Fear
  • To The FrontSpitting Teeth
  • World PainBurden Man
  • We Were The KeepersPsycroptic
  • Digging HolesDEAD
  • Follow The BreathingDEAD
  • My SatanTrue Believer
  • BrokenCanine
  • InfinitesimalDyssidia
  • Of Seers And SirensPsuedo Mind Hive
  • Third EyeKitchen Witch
  • Strewn-AdriftConvulsing

About this program

Metal, hardcore and otherwise exquisitely heavy and brutal sounds. Soul-shifting noise. Dimension-altering soundscapes. Be crushed and renewed. Lose control.