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Ned Flanders-themed metal band Okilly Dokilly join Mia for a convo about their musical evolution ahead of their Corner show.

Playlist for Requiem For A Scream – 4 February 2020
  • Gone Too FarTyrant of Death
  • BeeOh.
  • WithoutBoundless
  • MotorcycleBlackwater Holylight
  • The ExpendablesVengeful Spectre
  • Arap Ap Eureup EupEnsemble Tikoro
  • White Wine SpritzerOkilly Dokilly
  • Claw My Eyes OutOkilly Dokilly
  • BreatheMono
  • Break the SilenceSoutheast Desert Metal
  • Pit of ConsciousnessJinjer
  • A Crude SectioningAuthor & Punisher
  • And Plague Flowers the KaleidescopeNe Obliviscaris
  • QuarteredRussian Circles
  • Rainbow MachineThe Black Heart Death Cult
  • Closed GateFirebreather
  • 23Elizabeth Colour Wheel
  • Cascadessleepmakeswaves

About this program

Metal, hardcore and otherwise exquisitely heavy and brutal sounds. Soul-shifting noise. Dimension-altering soundscapes. Be crushed and renewed. Lose control.