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Mia talks to all-female Beirut thrash/death band Slave to Sirens about making metal in the Middle East.

Playlist for Requiem For A Scream – 28 January 2020
  • F.O.G. (Error)Ho99o9
  • Cygnet (Cult of Luna and Julie Christmas remix)Perturbator
  • SaprophyteImmortal Bird
  • Prove ItDivide and Dissolve
  • HumanesticideSlave To Sirens
  • Congenital EvilSlave To Sirens
  • Wolf TotemThe HU
  • Raise The SwordBeastwars
  • Weeping VeinsZeolite
  • Akuma No UtaBoris
  • AphasiaSuldusk
  • VSow Discord
  • The Mandrake's HymnEarth
  • ServantTrue Believer
  • AlbatrossCorrosion of Conformity
  • Beautiful In DeathArbrynth

About this program

Metal, hardcore and otherwise exquisitely heavy and brutal sounds. Soul-shifting noise. Dimension-altering soundscapes. Be crushed and renewed. Lose control.