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Inspired by Kier-La Janisse's new documentary WOODLANDS DARK AND DAYS BEWITCHED: A HISTORY OF FOLK HORROR, Guest Host Paul Anthony Nelson and guest presenters Adam Spellicy and Caitlin Koller dive into all things folk horror. They try to define what exactly is that makes this spooky sub-genre what it is, before unearthing a triple feature of locally streamed folk horror delights in THE DEMON (1963), EYES OF FIRE (1983), and ALLISON’S BIRTHDAY (1981).

THE DEMON (1963, Brunello Rondi)

EYES OF FIRE (1983, Avery Crounse)

ALLISON’S BIRTHDAY (1981, Ian Coughlan)

Playlist for Primal Screen – 31 October 2022

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Primal Screen is a show about movies, from the ones on the big screen to the ones you stream. A mix of new release and retrospective film and television reviews and interviews with film practitioners. Presented by Flick Ford with regular guest critics Lisa Kovacevic, Cerise Howard, Will Cox, Emma Westwood and more.

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