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“Where true-crime books, and podcasts, have the capacity to re-tell timelines, circumstances, and characters in detail – filmmakers need to find imaginative ways to render these stories for the screen. Wright utilises a notion of interiority to do this, which works both literally and psychologically in the film," - The Conversation

After his acclaimed 2018 directorial debut ACUTE MISFORTUNE, based on Erik Jensen’s award-winning biography of painter Adam Cullen, Thomas M. Wright is back with a new release; THE STRANGER.

An adaption of Kate Kuriacou’s The Sting, the film tells the story of a friendship between two strangers played, by Sean Harris and Joel Edgerton, in the background of a large police operation. However, neither is who they appear to be, each carry secrets that threaten to ruin them. Flick Ford takes a deep dive into these two films with the director himself, Thomas M. Wright in the studio.

ACUTE MISFORTUNE (Thomas M. Wright, 2018)

THE STRANGER (Thomas M. Wright, 2022)

Playlist for Primal Screen – 10 October 2022

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Primal Screen is a show about movies, from the ones on the big screen to the ones you stream. A mix of new release and retrospective film and television reviews and interviews with film practitioners. Presented by Flick Ford with regular guest critics Lisa Kovacevic, Cerise Howard, Will Cox, Emma Westwood and more.

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