Presented by Biggs

Playlist for On The Blower – 24 May 2019
  • everything's fuckeddirty three
  • Coming DownGena Rose Bruce
  • cap in handthe proclaimers
  • river of lovethe sensational alex harvey band
  • Make hay while the sun shinesDalicados
  • teqkillam.i.a
  • mashed potatojames brown
  • nowthe bellrays
  • Monsoon RockAmyl and the Sniffers
  • fried chicken gave me boobsthe disgruntled taxpayers
  • "choice words"-ed.louise swinn , "the glad shout"-alice robinsonkerry window
  • Weight of the PlanetsAldous Harding
  • one rainy wishjimi hendrix
  • wake upreptaliens
  • island of lost soulsblondie
  • take a standgato preto
  • moronsian hunter
  • we roll deepthe conscious daughters

About this program

Brunch dahling? Shut up, I'm on the blower. Talkback RRR style, music freestyle, presentation Tony Biggs style.

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